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Monday, September 26, 2011

(Trip to Disney Friday) “Family vacation: moving right along”

The sky was cloudy but our family headed to Hollywood Studios. By the time we parked, it was raining, but I (the discount detective) brought along pre-purchased ponchos from The Dollar Tree (not to be confused with Family Dollar, nor Dollar General – where everything is NOT $1).  We got in and took a few pictures. Then we went to find a Disney photographer. 

At this point, I have several photo sessions in progress: 1) The ones taken by Disney staff that I will get on a cd; 2) The ones I am taking with my camera; & 3) The ones I am taking with my phone.

While planning this trip, I pre-purchased a CD which would contain all of the photos taken by Disney photographers and comes with a limited license, so that you can print them anywhere (i.e. CVS).  Pre-purchasing it took $50 off the price.  You can have as many photos taken as you want.  You just have to stalk the Disney photo people.  Then you can create more photos by going online and creating new photos by using the Disney borders.  People have gotten as many as 300 pictures, but that is probably when they stay longer.  My goal was 100.  I was already missing my photo quota because when we arrived at the MK on the night before, we had to rush to make it to the Crystal Palace. Then after the parade we couldn’t find any photographers.  So rain or shine on this day we were (I was) determined to start taking pictures, hence the ponchos. 

We rode the Great Movie ride where there was no line. So although there were interesting props to take photos of and with, there were people behind us and my girls wanted to be first or up front or something, so I had to keep moving.  I managed to snap a few though.

After this, we used our snack credit to get snacks. It was at this point that I realized that the DD Plan credits would end up lost if we didn’t get our eating on! We headed to another ride which I can’t remember, but we saw these guys…Bob the Builder, Leo and Annie from Little Einsteins.

 The most fun ride I personally rode was “Tower of Terror”.  The pictures below are from the waiting area.  Me, Boo and Middle Ma rode it, though I don’t know why she did…She kept talking about how scary it was and how she was going back on her word of never riding it again by riding it again, etc.

 By the time we got on she had me all hyped up, but it was not for nothing.  THAT RIDE is not for the faint! Even the man of the house let out some high-pitched screams!  Oldest Ma and Lil Ma didn’t get on because they just don’t roll like that…though Lil Ma later proved us wrong about how she rolls!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Vacation Day 2


 Waking up on Friday morning, I knew to make time for Lil Ma to hit the pool at the resort or there would be trouble.  *Cue Clint Eastwood movie music* So I set aside two hours for the pool.  The grounds of the resort and the cast members were extra nice.  It was kind of deserted which was fine by me. 

These ducks must be on the Disney payroll because they charmed Pook as if they worked there!  She walked over to them and they walked up to her!  Really, they must have been looking for food.  When they saw that she had none, they kicked rocks in the other direction.

It would be nice to chill out there for a week, take time to swing…but hey, we had 3 nights minus 1 down, so we headed to breakfast. 

 We got these cups for souvenirs and because they could be refilled without limit.  (Note that I didn’t get cups at WallyWorld because I knew we’d be getting these).  And we got Middle Ma’s castmember discount on the cups. *cabbage patching*

We used our quick service credit for breakfast, which was tasty.  The hike back to the room was pretty significant and the humidity was pressing us down like a Panini –maker but we returned, changed and made our way back to the pool.  
 Here is where the torture begins:  I’ve been having issues with my hair staying loc’d. If it gets wet, it puffs up and unravels. That includes routine shampooing! So my stylist has started washing my hair herself, so that it won’t come loose. When it has come loose, we have to add about 2 hours onto the retightening process.  Makes for some long nights (we talking 1-2 in the a.m.) and costs extra $! So I asked her about getting in the pool and she told me to get a *good* (not just any) swim cap.  So I went to Target and found one made by Speedo. It was black and I’m thinking, “Great, it’ll match with my black and white swim suit…” NO, NOT GOOD! It was like having a smoking hot, tight car tire on my head!  The sun beat down on it and that black rubber ABSORBED the heat! It just started BURNING MY HEAD! I had to repeatedly (every 10 minutes) dunk my head under water just to stay alive!  And it was TIGHT as all get out!  Fortunately, not an ounce of water came into contact with my hair but HAM, MERCY!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Vacation Resumes

Our room at CBR was nothing over the top special, but we didn’t hang out much there anyway.  I rented a stroller in Orlando before we left home.  It was delivered to the resort and was at the concierge when we arrived.  I knew we would do a lot of walking and I felt that expecting Pook to walk several acres per day, in the hot Florida sun, in July would have been a little bit too much!  Not to mention that if she fell asleep, poor Boo would have to carry her!  Pook  is not like the older two were. No…she is a healthy size!  

 So after unloading the truck, Pook and I changed into our WalMart/Disney shirts and we hit the road. We drove everyday.  No resort buses for us!  But not before her two sisters blessed her with birthday gifts.  

This was Thursday evening and we had 7pm dinner reservations at the Crystal Palace, which is a character buffet.  To be on time, we hustled over there after getting into the park and didn’t stop to see or do anything else in the MK.  

 The featured characters were Pooh and his gang.  They visited each table, so between running to the buffet for refills and hugging/taking pictures with characters, that’s pretty much it for your evening.   

That’s okay with me because, trips like this are all about the kids! J 

I hate to tell you all this but I saw something happen at the buffet, but I won’t tell it unless someone asks….

After dinner, the Electrical Light Parade started, so we watched.  I think we accidentally- saw it/ran into it- a total of 3-4 times over the period of days when we were there. The music has a tendency to get stuck in your head and drives you crazy (ask Middle Ma)! 

After the parade ended and a mosquito finished feasting on my back (I haven’t been attacked by a mosquito like that since childhood!) I decided to ride the Haunted Mansion for old times’ sake.  I tried to get Pook to come and I’m glad she didn’t.   She asked me, “If it’s not scary, why does it say HAUNTED?”  Pretty logical summation to me, so I didn’t push it.  She waited with dad while I rode alone…and when I say alone, I mean that I stood at the entrance in the semi-dark ALONE for about 10 minutes before some other riders finally showed up and the man opened the door to let us in. There were only about 15 people total (it was getting late) and I rode in the little car by myself.  Well, I must have forgotten the creepiness factor because it WOULD have been too much for Pook,,,although another little 7 or 8 y.o. little girl did ride it…she’s not Pook. 
Next, we all rode the Jungle Cruise in the dark. I was surprised they ran it at night but the boat has headlights.

Details on that later!